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    TOOLMANIA Headlight repair kit is designed to eliminate the worst cases of headlight breakdown, yellowing, oxidation and scratches from your headlights. It includes everything needed to repair the most cloudy or sun-damaged lenses. Get good results on most plastic lenses, such as headlights, rear lights, trailers, boat windows, helmet visors, motorcycle windows and more. Professional results can be produced with this easy-to-use kit at a fraction of the cost.



    Product description data of the TM headlights polishing set complete.


    Headlight Recovery set for cars

    TM Headlight Repair kit for removing scratches, dust spots and discolouration from headlights. The TM Headlight Repair Set makes the car's headlights look like new again, so you can benefit from an optimum light output for better visibility on the road! This repair kit for car headlights can be applied to plastic surfaces.

    Repair weathered and dull headlights

    This repair kit contains all products to fully repair weathered, dull and yellowed headlights and to bring them in new condition. After the treatment with the TM Headlight Repair Kit, the headlights look like new again. The headlight does not have to be dismantled from the car for treatment. Because of this you are able to do it easily yourself!

    Also for other plastic surfaces

    This repair kit for headlights can also be used on other plastic surfaces. This includes boat windows, helmet visors, windshields, rear lighting and trailer lighting.

    How do I use this Headlight Repair Kit

    To properly repair the car's headlights with the TM Headlight Preparation Set, we recommend performing the following steps.

    Step 1: Clean the surface

    Clean the plastic of the headlight with water. Tape the area around the lens to avoid scratching sprayed surfaces.

    Step 2: Sanding the headlight

    Wet the sanding disc and attach it to the supplied holder. Sand with three different grain sizes to completely remove severe yellowing, dullness and rust. Use the sanding discs from coarse to fine: P800, P1200, P2000.

    Step 3: Polish the headlight

    Attach the orange polishing disc to the holder and apply the polishing paste. Polish the lens of the headlight until the shine is restored to new condition. For the best result, use an electric polishing or drilling machine. If you polish by hand, polish with clockwise at least 200 circular movements.

    Step 4: Protect the headlight

    Clean the lens of the headlight and make sure it is dry before applying the protective layer. Use the white polishing disc from the kit. Apply the protective fluid evenly on the surface of the headlight. Make sure that you do not apply this directly to the sunlight. The protective fluid will, completely cured, form a layer on the headlight. Allow the liquid to dry for at least 2 hours in direct sunlight. After step 3, the lens of the headlight should remain dry for 24 hours.

    Advantages of this DIY Headlight Repair Set

    This do-it-yourself repair kit for headlights allows you to easily and quickly repair the car's headlights. This makes the car headlights function bright and clear again, which contributes to road safety. This set is intended to repair 2 headlights.





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