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    EUROL COPPER FAT 600 grams

    Brand: Eurol
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    Product description

    EUROL COPPER FAT 600 grams

    Lubrication of tap and threaded ends, manifolds, wheel nuts and ovens

    Eurol Copper Grease is specially composed of modified clay (infusible bentone) and selected, high-quality, solid raw materials, such as copper, graphite and aluminum, as well as corrosion and oxidation inhibitors.

    Eurol Copper Grease is of the Anti-Seize Assembly Compound type. It offers durable protection against corrosion and against harmful chemical effects from the outside, and is not rinsed by water.

    Eurol Copper Grease is recommended for the lubrication of tap and studs, manifolds, battery clamps, wheel nuts, ovens, brake block back edges to prevent twisting and friction. Gaskets and threaded connections easily release even after exposure to high temperatures, corrosive media or high loads.

    Eurol Copper Grease ensures that irregularities are filled from the surface, and the surfaces do not make metal on metal contact when tightening nuts, for example. Smeared parts are sealed off from the atmosphere.


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    EUROL COPPER FAT 600 grams
    € 9,99
    € 9,99
    EUROL COPPER FAT 600 grams
    Out of stock
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